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Top tips for selling your home....

So, you’ve decided it’s time to put your home on the market and move into another chapter of your life. This can be a huge and daunting step to take but a change is as good as a holiday, right? Here at Carlson Estates we aim to make this process as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you along the way.


First impressions matter! Every house hunter judges the house by how it looks when they first arrive. Making sure the house is neat and tidy with an easy to maintain garden will impress most buyers.

  1. Mulch in the garden

  2. Mow the lawns – keep them lush and tidy

  3. Get rid of any unnecessary garden furniture - showing that the house is as low maintenance as possible is a great positive. For many buyers this is important to them.

  4. Fix up any loose fence palings and paint if necessary. Repair any gates etc.

  5. Keep any over grown plants pruned and looking respectable.

  6. Potted plants – if you already have some rearrange them with simplicity in mind. If you don’t have any already this could be an inexpensive option to create a more homely first impression. Potted plants are great to have near the front door or at the bottom of steps to welcome guests. Even on the back patio or deck, the feeling of lush potted greenery is very appealing to the eye.

  7. Fix any cracks in pathways if needed. Make sure the leaves have been racked up and it’s neat and tidy.

  8. Weed any gardens.

  9. Pool: Is it clean, properly fenced and surrounding areas furnished with an inviting setting?


Research is key when selling your home. Make sure you always do you own research about your area independently of any agent. Your agent will always provide you with a property analysis which outlines to you what the property market has been doing around your area lately. It compares other homes that are similar to yours that have recently sold and basically gives a guideline of what price range you may be looking at for your home. But again, don’t just go with what the agent has provided you. Do your own research and make sure you are happy and agree with the advice your agent is giving you.

Don’t be afraid to question an agent and ask why they’ve advised a higher or lower price than you were expecting. Getting the property listed right the first time is key. Lowering prices and swapping between agents if you’re not happy can leave the buyers asking “why?”. You want to make sure that your home hits the market as strong as possible to extract the best outcome. This can be difficult to navigate but with the correct agent you should feel comfortable and confident that they are doing what is best for you the client.


The first time a buyer is likely to see you house is when they view it online. Take a picture of the front of your house and view it from the buyer’s perspective. Are there areas you can fix up? Try and put yourselves in their shoes and be objective. The main point here is to recognise if the house looks neat and tidy, nothings overgrown and any key architectural features of the house aren’t obscured by anything. You want your house to give the buyers the best first impression it can.

Do this in every room to give you perspective of how the house will be perceived by the buyer. Make sure the rooms are decluttered and look presentable so the buyer sees the house at its absolute best. Pictures tell a thousand words and you want the house making a great first impression for the buyers.


This ties back to the ‘TAKE PICTURES’ section.

Look at the house from the buyer’s perspective. Study other houses on the market and see how they have styled the interiors. Use this as inspiration to try and incorporate that into your house. Fix any minor flaws that a buyer may see and be put off.

  1. Does the paint need touching up or repainted in neutral appealing tones?

  2. If the house is unfurnished, considering consulting a staging expert. If your budget allows, hiring a stylist can really help to give your interior a facelift and be presented for sale.

  3. Are there cracks in the plaster?

  4. Do the rooms need decluttering and tiding up? Decluttering the house allows the buyer to see room properly and envision their own furniture in the space. Look objectively and remove or add anything where its lacking. A potted/faux plant on a shelf or table can make the home feel fresh and welcoming and this shines through in person and in pictures.

  5. Clean the windows and window furnishings and touch up with paint if required.

  6. Does the front door need a refresh with paint or cleaning? Perhaps even replaced. Does the hinge creak? Try using spray olive oil to alleviate the creak.

  7. How does the façade look? Pressure cleaning can do wonders or repaint if it needs it.

  8. Architraves. Are they chipped or requiring new paint?

  9. Are the floors presentable and looking clean? Do they require repair or carpets replaced? If there are floorboards under carpet think about polishing these.

  10. Is the kitchen cosmetically looking good? Could the cabinetry be updated with paint to look more modern and fresh? Perhaps replacing the benchtop could update the space. And is the splashback fresh and up to date?

  11. Bathrooms are important. Are the bathrooms clean and the grout looking good? Are the tiles in good condition? Would tile paint spruce up the space if the tiles are dated?

  12. Storage is something the home buyer looks for. Does the laundry have good storage and counter space?

The window furnishings may need a clean and couch cushions plumped. Always present a clean and tidy house. Buyers will quite often subconsciously be quick to judge whether a house has been well looked after depending on the tidiness and cleanliness. Think about if you can rearrange furniture to open up the rooms and make them seem larger.